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Catholic Radio Bumper Stickers

Please call WRYT at 314-752-7000 or Eric Wendle at 618-466-9515 for your free Catholic Radio Bumper Sticker.  We have a rich Catholic heritage, please help share it.

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Evangelizing Articles

Our century is characterized by the mass media or means of social communication, and the first proclamation, catechesis or the further deepening of faith cannot do without these means, as we have already emphasized.  When they are put at the service of the Gospel, they are capable of increasing almost indefinitely the area in which the Word of God is heard; they enable the Good News to reach millions of people. The Church would feel guilty before the Lord if she did not utilize these powerful means that human skill is daily rendering more perfect. It is through them that she proclaims "from the housetops" (Cf. Mt 10:27; Lk 12:3) the message of which she is the depositary. In them she finds a modern and effective version of the pulpit. Thanks to them she succeeds in speaking to the multitudes. Pope Paul VI, Evangelii Nuntiandi 45, Evangelization in the Modern World

Pope John Paul II today greeted a group of 6,000 pilgrims who came to Rome from Poland, on a trip organized by the independent Catholic radio station there, Radio Maria....The Pope told his visitors that “prayer and catechesis are the two essential elements that distinguish a Catholic radio station from others.”  He told them that the Church should never fear the instruments of mass communication -- that in fact, she needs those modern means of promoting the Gospel.  Radio Maria...earned warm words from the Polish Pontiff.  “Our work,” John Paul told them, “is a service to the Church.”  Vatican (CWN),  “Pope greets pilgrims from Polish radio station” 16-Oct-1997

Catholic Radio Testimonies

WRYT is truly a blessing for us and for all Catholics in the St. Louis metro area!  We really enjoy learning more about our faith from the teachers and apologists such as Scott Hahn and Tim Staples, keeping up to date on pro-life issues, and receiving solid Catholic Christian advice on marriage and parenting.  The programming is top notch and solidly based on the Church’s teaching.  WRYT is providing a great service in responding to the Holy Father’s request to evangelize the world in preparation for the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000.  Pete and Pam Lichtenwalner, St. Louis MO, 1998

There are so many radio stations offering the word of God to us as we search for the meaning of life and the meaning of our own life.  These include most all Protestant denominations but up to recent times, nothing coming from the Catholic viewpoint.  We have had no air time devoted to solid Catholic teachings by knowledgeable Catholic scholars or Catholic prayer as we travel to and from work or shopping.  Thanks to WRYT we as Catholics now have a radio station we can listen to that will help us understand our faith and what She teaches as well as present the absolute truth to others who are not Catholic but are asking questions of our beliefs.  Rev Mr. Robert Klostermann, St. Louis MO, 1998

As an ordained Deacon in the Catholic Church and Pastoral Associate, “WRYT” has been a great help in our evangelization efforts as well as helping to continue to deliver the word of God during the work day as people travel to and from work or play.  The station has brought many new “inquirers” to the RCIA process in parishes and has renewed interest in Catholics to be proud of their faith and to be willing to help bring this truth of God to all others as we are commanded by God.  Rev Mr. Robert Klostermann, St. Louis MO, 1998

I used to be a lukewarm Catholic because I did not know the “Why’s” of the Catholic faith. When I decided to study Catholic teachings,  every doctrine I researched turned out to be infinitely sound, biblical and historically consistent.  Catholic radio (WRYT) has been a valuable contributor to my renewed “faith through understanding.”   The Catholic programming not only exposes me to the truth, but explains this truth in ways that are easy to understand, remember and pass on to others.  Most of the Catholic audio tapes that I have, I heard first on Catholic radio.  Having instant access in the home and car to the most dynamic Catholic speakers in the world has simply changed my life.  Every town should have a Catholic radio station. Eric Wendle, Godfrey IL, 1998

The programs on WRYT give me the information I need to be a more effective evangelizer.  Programs that feature Tim Staples, Scott and Kimberly Hahn, Dr. Ken Howell, Jeff Cavins, etc. educate me in apologetics and Catholic teaching in general.  Armed with such information I feel better able to explain and defend my religion to others.  WRYT also keeps me informed about what’s going on in the St. Louis area, such as, upcoming speaking engagements by various noted Catholic speakers, special masses and eucharistic adoration.  Marylin Slaughter, St. Louis MO, 1998

 A family in an outlying area of Nevada leaves the station on all day long.  The younger children listened to one of our shows on the Sacrament of Confession and asked their mother if the whole family could go together to confession.  They did!  K-IHM  Catholic Radio for Reno - Carson City - Lake Tahoe

A fallen away Catholic husband is resisting his wife’s attempts to take their son to Mass.  He somehow found our station and has been listening ever since we went on the air.  Now he is back in the Church and “on fire”!! K-IHM  Catholic Radio for Reno - Carson City - Lake Tahoe

A young mother called us -- almost in tears -- to thank us for the wonderful Catholic programming that has filled her home.  She, like many others had been listening to Protestant stations for spiritual sustenance.  Now she’s grateful to finally have Catholic Radio to give her soul the fullness of the faith!  K-IHM  Catholic Radio for Reno - Carson City - Lake Tahoe