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Things to do during Lent
F 1 Don’t rent or see movies that are rated “R” or worse.  Rent some Catholic movies, they are great and they nourish our faith.  Oldies are great too. Check Blockbuster.
F 2 Avoid situational comedies that routinely talk about pre-marital relations or adultery.
F 3 Visit a shut-in once a week.
F 4 Mend a wounded relationship.
F 5 Turn the TV off (exceptions are sometimes made for news).
F 6 Eat “no distraction” family meals during lent, started with a prayer.
F 7 Spend less time on home projects and more time with the children.
F 8 Teach your children the rosary prayers.
F 9 Don't let children play violent video games.
F 10 Read a bible chapter weekly or daily with the family, or by yourself.
F 11 Pray a family rosary (one decade with children is enough).
F 12 Saturday night, read with your children the Sunday readings.  Talk about the theme of the week.  You will be surprised how well the children pay attention at mass the next day.
G 13 Pick a church teaching that seems hard to understand and learn why the church teaches it  ($5 Booklet - Beginning Apologetics I, by Chacon and Burnham).
G 14 Learn the 10 Commandments.
G 15 Learn the seven deadly sins, and the cardinal virtues.
G 16 Read a book on what is going on at the mass (It is hard to enjoy the mass if you don't understand it).
G 17 Explore why the Church teaches that the Eucharist is really the body and blood of Christ.
G 18 Learn the 15 mysteries of the rosary.
G 19 During your commute, turn off the shock jocks.
G 20 Listen to Catholic radio,  WRYT 1080 AM or 95.9 FM.
G 21 Support the St. Louis Catholic radio station by listening, telling others about it, donating time / treasure or applying a Catholic radio bumper sticker to your car. 
G 22 Subscribe to a Catholic periodical for lay people (e.g. This Rock, Envoy Magazine, Lay Witness)
G 23 Subscribe to a Catholic Newspaper (e.g. The National Catholic Register, or the Wanderer).
G 24 Learn about the  seven sacraments of the Catholic Church.
G 25 Visit a Catholic Supply store, buy an interesting book and read it during lent.
G 26 Pick a saint, and learn about them.
G 27 Learn the major differences between the Roman Catholic Church and other denominations (Book - Catholicism and Fundamentalism by Karl Keating)
G 28 Buy a Catholic Encyclopedia or Catechism, you will be surprised how often you will reference it.
P 29 Learn a new prayer.
P 30 Pray the rosary once a week or daily.
P 31 Go to daily mass once a week or all week.
P 32 Pray for vocations once a week.
P 33 Pray for the sick and handicapped once a week.
P 34 Visit an adoration chapel once a week.
P 35 Pray the stations of the cross once a week.
P 36 Pray for priests,  the devil works hardest on them.
P 37 Pray for single people, that they may find a spouse (if looking).
P 38 Pray for abortion doctors that they may embrace the Church's teaching on the subject.
P 39 Pray for an end to racism.
P 40 Pray for victims of abortion.
P 41 Pray for an end to abortion.
P 42 Pray for lonely people.
P 43 Pray for conversions to the Catholic faith.
P 44 Pray that ex-Catholics may return to the Church.
P 45 Pray for an end to artificial birth control or try to understand why it is a major contributer to divorce.
P 46 Pray for our youth,  that they may be open to the teachings of Jesus.
P 47 Pray for homosexuals, that they may embrace the Church's teaching on the subject.
P 48 Go to confession once a week.
P 49 Perform daily examination of conscience.
S 50 Do not shop or work on Sundays.
S 51 Give up alcohol for part of lent or for the whole time (remember Sundays are not days of lent).
S 52 Donate alms to your favorite Catholic cause or charity.
S 53 Give up one of your favorite munchies or your favorite vice.